PxD Internship Program

The Precision Development (PxD) paid Internship Program runs between two and six months and is designed to give our interns a career-specific immersive experience so that candidates gain practical experience of working for an international organization.

It will also allow candidates endless opportunities to build on their foundational knowledge, professional skills and maximize their personal growth by active participation in our projects and through mentorship.

What we offer


PxD believes strongly that interns should be paid for their work. All interns will receive hourly or monthly compensation, depending on the terms of the internship. 

Professional Development

We will assign you to a country/program team based on your internship interests, goals, and qualifications. You will get an opportunity to work on our various projects and tasks, which will, in turn, give you an opportunity to build and improve on your professional skills, and gain valuable work experience and insights.


All interns will have a member of the PxD team assigned to them to act as their mentor throughout the course of the internship. The role of the mentor will be to provide mentorship opportunities to support the professional development objectives of the intern while at PxD.

An opportunity to build professional networks

You will get to interact with different members of the PxD team working in different teams and on different projects throughout the course of your internship.

Current Open Internships

We currently do not have any open internships

Requirements and Qualifications

The ideal candidate has many or all of the following (to be determined and edited based on the JDs shared by the different hiring teams): 

  • Experience with/strong interest in sustainable agriculture and working with small and medium-sized farmers in low- and middle-income countries; 
  • Experience with/strong interest in consumer-facing technology platforms; 
  • Strong written and oral communication skills; 
  • Experience supervising data collection, teams of field workers, survey design and implementation, and data management; 
  • Proficiency in Stata (for Data or Research candidates); 
  • Interest/experience in RCTs and/or applied statistics (for Data and Research candidates); 
  • Experience with/strong interest in working in a low- or middle-income country and as part of a multicultural team; 
  • Local language skills or working experience in countries where we run programs – and where we have registered operations; 
  • Ability to work with little supervision and in a flexible manner.  

Additional consideration will be given to any professional experience relevant to the function you’re applying for.

To Apply

Please follow this link to apply for internship positions currently listed by our teams. The below must be included in your application for consideration;

  1. A CV
  2. A short statement outlining the motivation for applying
  3. Responses to 1-3 short descriptive questions tailored to the specific opportunity. 

Open positions will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the deadline date listed in the specific job description.

PxD is committed to building an inclusive and diverse organization. We don’t make decisions based on gender, gender identity, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristics that are unrelated to the role. We understand that everyone has different lifestyles and we accommodate flexible working to make sure you are as productive and happy as you can be

We will use any personal data you provide for recruitment purposes only.

Frequently asked questions for Internships

All interns assigned tasks will vary based on the country/program team that they will be supporting, and will likely include most of the below tasks;

  • Partnership development: Support the scoping of new partnerships and the early stages of projects, with both public and private partners;
  • Product improvement: supporting the research and implementation of activities to improve the impact of PxD’s services across India offices.
  • Data visualization: Supporting project teams in developing visual tools to enable partners to make data-driven decisions in response to findings from PxD’s services
  • Drafting of documents (letters, proposals, concept notes)
  • Research

To enable candidates to get the most out of their placements, we ask for a minimum commitment of –

  • 8 weeks, working 35-40 hours per week during university term internships, or
  • 12 weeks, working 10 hours per week for ongoing internships outside the university term period. 

Yes, PxD believes strongly that interns should be paid for their work.

PxD will provide an hourly/monthly stipend during the internship. PxD will always meet the national minimum wage standards, and this stipend will be determined by the PxD pay scale, subject to the current location of the intern. 

In cases where the candidate’s university provides a stipend during the course of the internship, PxD will waive payment if the university stipend meets PxD’s minimum, or top up the difference if it is below PxD’s scale.

Internships in 2022 have been remote due to ongoing concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the internship may have in-person meetings and travel if the pandemic allows it.

Getting a full-time job after the internship is determined by the availability of funding and the available open positions within PxD, which we will always post on our website’s Careers page. We are not able to guarantee full-time employment after the internship.