Precision Development (PxD) is a global non-profit organization that harnesses technology, data science, and behavioral economics to build digital services that empower people to change their own lives.

We build low-cost information systems at scale to share knowledge with the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged people. Our pioneering model of digital development is implemented in collaboration with partner organizations to maximize scale, and we continuously experiment, iterate and gather evidence on impact to improve service delivery and demonstrate our value.




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Brewing better weather services for Indian coffee farmers
Accurate, medium-range weather forecasting information can help mitigate smallholder farmers’ exposure …
PxD Tech Demonstration at the 2022 Global Digital Development Forum
Uzoamaka Ugochukwu, PxD's Nigeria Country Launch Manager, was selected to present …
Reading the coffee grounds: A landscape analysis of challenges confronting Indian coffee growers
Precision Development (PxD) has completed a landscape analysis to more systematically …
Increasing information sharing with women farmers in Odishan smallholder households
Precision Development (PxD) recognizes that the informational needs of poor women …
Taking advice: Speaking to farmers to inform more effective services
Precision Development (PxD) leverages needs assessment research to inform our agricultural …
Cottoning on: A free weather product for Punjab’s cotton belt
PxD is building a free weather forecast product for cotton farmers …
Weathering the storm: Smallholder farmers and the untapped potential of weather forecasts
Accurate weather forecasts would reduce uncertainty for farmers, yet they are …
Research in Progress (and in Practice): 2021 in Review
Precision Development's goal is to generate large aggregate impacts for the …
Evidence to Policy – New Video
The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab's (J-PAL) has showcased PxD …
Fighting Poverty through Climate Action
Last week delegates convened in Glasgow at the 26th Conference of …
Milk It, It’s Worth It: Survey & Experimental Data on Household Division of Responsibility & Intra-household Cooperation
Women play important roles in smallholder dairy production. As PxD prepares …
Accessing the Power of E-Commerce for Smallholder Farmers
Can e-commerce address constraints that inhibit growth and productivity among Indian …
The 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics reminds us that rigorous research design and empirical methods are at the core of empirical knowledge
Tomoko Harigaya, PxD’s Chief Economist and Director of Research, reflects on …
Leveraging Women’s Groups to Bridge Gender-Specific Information Gaps in India
Vaishnavi Surendra, Post-Doctoral Researcher, and Revati Vaidya, Process and Product Innovation …
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Where We Work

At the end of Q2 2021, PxD and our partners were servicing 5.3 million users. PxD works in eleven countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and is rapidly expanding as governments and organizations look for innovative ways to utilize new technologies to deliver actionable information to people who need it.