Why support Precision Development?

Your kind contribution will support the provision of actionable information to the world’s poorest people and empower them to improve their well-being.

In the past 12 months, we have reached 10 million farmers accessing information across our programs.

Your contribution will support the design and implementation of cost-effective information interventions focused on improving productivity, profits, and quality of life for our users.  Contributions from individual donors are particularly valuable because they give PxD flexibility to put money where it’s needed most – to add more farmers to our services or to develop critical improvements that increase our impact for each user.

We are grateful for any donations to support our work:

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Standout Charity

In 2020, PxD was the only new organization designated as a ‘standout charity’ by GiveWell, a research nonprofit dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities. The summary of their citation stated, among other endorsements, PxD’s “Unusually strong self-analysis, particularly in supporting RCTs on its program” and “Standout transparency. It has shared significant, detailed information about its program with us”. GiveWell concluded, based on their cost-effectiveness analysis, that their “best guess is that PxD’s program is approximately 6 times as cost-effective as GiveDirectly’s program, which provides unconditional cash transfers to poor households in low-income countries.”

Your support will also advance the field of digital development by supporting PxD’s rigorous research practice. We make our findings publicly available, and PxD’s researchers are active, and highly regarded, participants and collaborators in the field. 

We aim to empower 100 million people living in poverty with mobile-enabled advisory technologies that promote the adoption of optimal productive practices and cost-effectively improve farm yields and household incomes. Given our record of rapidly scaling two-way information systems, the demonstrable impact of our research in improving our services and their impact, and our reputation as a value-adding partner to governments, multilateral institutions, civil society, and the private sector, we are optimistic that this goal is achievable.

Your support will be instrumental in achieving our goals.

Precision Development is registered in the United States as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Our EIN number is 81-0779400. Our most recent audited financial statements can be accessed here. 

If you are not resident in the United States and would like to make a gift to PxD, please contact us via donations@precisiondev.org