While PxD takes a data-driven approach to implementation decisions, we benefit enormously from the feedback we receive from farmers, partners, and funders of our work. 

Our team in Pakistan interviewed Azhar Mehmood, a farmer in Punjab, about his experience using our digital extension service. In July 2020, PxD entered into a partnership with the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to expand our existing services in Kenya and Pakistan, launch a new program in Nigeria – an expansion country for PxD – and develop new digital products to assist farmers to address new information gaps and market disruptions arising as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Farmer Azhar received content supported by our grant from IFAD


“ICT solutions for improving agricultural extension have great promise, and PxD is at the forefront of investigating these benefits through rigorous experimentation. One Acre Fund is delighted to work with PxD researchers on trials for supplementing our current Field Officer based extension model with mobile phone delivery of customized information. We really respect that PxD combines rigorous measurement of impact, together with our shared passion for scale. PxD researchers are focused on incredibly scalable interventions that deliver a meaningful level of impact for the farmers that we serve.” 
Andrew Youn
Co-founder and Executive Director, One Acre Fund
“I received the Krishi Tarang service number on advice from a farmer friend. After joining the service, I feel that I am getting correct and timely information for my crop. I believe it is very useful information for farmers like me.” 
Cotton farmer in Gujarat, India
“I have been investing in promising early stage organizations for the last two decades and look at a large number of opportunities every year. PxD possesses a rare combination of a high caliber team pursuing a powerful idea at the right moment in time.  We have funded PxD from inception and are impressed by their work to date.” 
Mark Lampert
BVF Partners and Unorthodox Philanthropy 
“Owing to the fact that Agriculture sector has, historically, been of key importance to Pakistan’s economy in general and Punjab in particular, the Government of Punjab has set out to boost the sector through direct and indirect interventions. Our top most priority is to strengthen economic conditions of farmers through provision of various highly flexible financing options, getting them access to high quality agricultural input products, and most importantly making timely and accurate expert advice available. For achieving these goals, we have partnered with multiple well-reputed organizations. Collaboration with PxD is to help us apply evidence-based best practices for effectively reaching out to farmers with the aid of information and communications technology. With deep research capabilities and experience running customized information advisory services for farmers elsewhere, we are confident that PxD is very well positioned to support our efforts.”
Muhammad Mahmood
Secretary Agriculture Department, Government of Punjab
“The training we received from PxD was very good, we remember how to record questions using our phones. I have recorded two questions about my rose flowers and my papaya plant. My questions were answered at the right time and the information was useful. I will make sure to follow the advice I received.”
Kanchanbala Nanda
President SHG in Miteipur village, Patitapaban SHG 
I called from my own phone to the ask questions on sowing practices for black gram and green gram. The information was really useful. I was referred as most active user by my fellow members during the training we received to use our phones to ask agriculture questions.”
Debjani Nayak
member SHG in Beraboi village, Maa Bhagabatti SHG
I don’t have any problem recording questions. All the members of our SHG understand the process very well. I recorded a question on farming practices for mushroom and I am satisfied with the answer I received. We discussed the service in our SHG meeting and all the members found it useful.” 
Swarnamayee Jena
Secretary SHG in Pidhapatana village, Maa Arnapurna SHG
Every time we receive a message about chilli farming, we check with our neighbours to make sure they got the recommendation too.” 
Anonymous chili farmers
in Khulna, Bangladesh
“The messages from MOA -INFO have given me instructions that have helped me to increase my yields. Before I started receiving these messages I did not know how to deal with FAW, but now I know what chemicals to apply and I have managed to invite over 20 farmers to the platform.  Even if we do not have money to buy pest sides we can use pepper, ash and sand.”
Javan  Akwabi Waliaro
Accessed PAD’s platform 22 times
“The messages have helped me to know how to manage the FAW. I thought these were normal worms, but when I started getting SMS about how to manage them I realized that these were dangerous worm and started using following the instructions”
Kassim Oduor
Referred 30 users to the platform
“These messages have provided me with guidance on best farming practices such as planting, topdressing and post-harvest procedures. They have also enabled me to overcome hunger in my family because I have now stopped farming sugarcane and started farming maize” 
Jacob  Mulitsi
Referred 20 users to the platform