It’s #NobelWeek in Stockholm


#TeamPAD is living its bucket list in Sverige.

Our co-founder, and PAD board member, Michael Kremer is in Stockholm to receive his Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences together with his co-laureates, and longstanding collaborators, Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee.

Fellow board members Shawn Cole and Amrita Ahuja, as well as Owen Barder (PAD CEO), Tomoko Harigaya (Chief Economist and Director of Research), and Carol Nekesa (Chief People Officer) are in Stockholm as Michael’s guests for the festivities.

#TeamPAD at the Nobels. From Left: Owen Barder (CEO), Shawn Cole (Co-Founder and Chair of the Board), Carol Nekesa (Chief People Officer), Michael Kremer (Nobel Man of the Hour), Amrita Ahuja (Board Member), and Tomoko Harigaya (Chief Economist and Director of Research)

Oh yes, and lest we forget, PAD was name checked in Michael’s Nobel Lecture:

The spread of mobile phones, the availability of large data sets and the development of machine learning are opening up tremendous opportunities for digital development in areas from education to agriculture…

Precision Agriculture for Development, an NGO which I helped co-found, is now working with governments and private firms in multiple countries to provide digital agricultural extension to millions of farmers.

This is just the beginning. We need to encourage a variety of new approaches to take advantage of new opportunities, test new approaches, refine them and scale up the most effective solutions.

[at 27.54min in the video above]

And it’s only Monday! Prize giving is on Wednesday. Have fun all!