Request for Proposals (RFP)

Organizational Assessment of Precision Development (PxD)

PxD is looking for a firm to conduct an organizational assessment of its strategy, financial sustainability, and organizational capabilities. Interested firms should submit proposals by email to by Friday, December 15 at 4:59pm EST. A link to the complete Request for Proposals can be found here.


Q: Where will the engagement take place?

A: This engagement will be fully remote, without any need for the consultant to travel.

Q: Is there an approximate budget available for this work?

A: No. We will be guided by the proposals that we receive to determine the budget.

Q: Is the update of PxD’s medium-term strategy envisioned as an internal exercise? Is this update already ongoing and will there be interactions between that process and this consulting engagement?

A: The update of PxD’s strategy is expected to be an internal exercise that will start after the consulting engagement, taking into account the recommendations of the consultant.

Q: Is any external audience beyond PxD and its Board expected to see the results of this Organizational Assessment?

A: PxD is the primary audience, but PxD expects to share the results with its funders and other partners as needed, including in a redacted form if necessary.

Q: Is there flexibility on the timeline? Is there a specific milestone (such as a Board meeting) at the end of this timeline?

A: Yes there is flexibility, and the timeline suggested in the RFP is subject to change. We acknowledge that it may not be possible to answer all the questions listed in the RFP in the suggested timeline. The specific milestone is that PxD expects to complete the update of its strategy by the end of June 2024. We will be guided by the proposals that we receive to determine an appropriate and realistic timeline.

Q: How large do the focus groups of internal and external stakeholders need to be to provide a solid answer to your questions?

A: We don’t have any target number in mind. We will be guided by the proposals.

Q: Is this engagement going to be supported internally by an assigned team at PxD? Will PxD team members be involved substantively in this engagement along with the consultant team?

A: There will not be a team explicitly assigned to this engagement, but PxD will make both its leadership team and other members of its staff available as much as necessary to successfully complete the engagement

Q: What kind of role and level of involvement should the PxD Board have in this project?

A: The consultant should expect to interview the four members of the PxD Board during the engagement and consult with them to inform the recommendations on PxD’s vision, mission, goal, and strategy.